IVF, fertility and gynaecology care comes to Panch

Whilst the Panch team has been busy working in our ophthalmic theatre, work behind the scenes has been taking place in preparation for Primary IVF, Australia’s first and only Medicare Bulk Billed IVF service, coming on board.

As part of Primary Health Care, Primary IVF is able to utilise its extensive network of GPs, specialists and other health professionals to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing fertility issues.

All of these services can be accessed at the Preston multi-disciplinary medical centre where there are also radiology and pathology services onsite. The day surgery procedures will be carried out at Panch Day surgery centre which is located only a short distance from the Primary clinic. Procedures will include egg retrieval, surgical sperm retrieval, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy day cases.

With the first cases planned for later in February, it will be an exciting time at Panch Day Surgery Centre.

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