RiverCity Private Hospital Surgeons

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Theatre and consulting facilities

Newly refurbished in 2017, RiverCity Private Hospital is a beautifully appointed, purpose-built specialist day hospital, designed to support the latest techniques and advances in care across a range of surgical specialties.

We offer visiting surgeons high-quality theatre management, with a focus on ensuring efficiencies in service through well-designed patient flows and quality systems and processes. Our theatre set-up particularly suits ophthalmic surgery, gynaecological surgery, IVF and other fertility procedures, and plastic and reconstructive surgery, but we can cater for many other surgical specialties. We welcome enquiries from surgeons seeking theatre sessions.

RiverCity Private Hospital also offers visiting surgeons the option to consult privately, facilities include waiting and sub-waiting areas to provide privacy and assist with patient flow, dedicated treatment rooms, in-house administrative support, and onsite radiology and pathology services.

Our consulting suites are available for permanent sub-lease or for leasing on a sessional basis, with theatre privileges. Additional services, such as reception and patient invoicing, are available. Alternatively, surgeons may prefer to utilise their own practice staff.

For information about leasing arrangements, session availability and credentialing, please contact Bianca Woodley on 07 3736 3010 or email [email protected].